Abortion should be like contraception – abortion chief

The head of Britain’s biggest abortion provider has said abortion should be available as easily as contraception.

Writing for The Independent’s website, Ann Furedi claimed that abortion should be regarded like minor procedures carried out by GPs.

Her comments will come as a shock to women who have gone through with abortion and struggled with their decision for years afterwards.


Furedi, who is the head of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS), said abortion “should be available as easily as contraception for women who need it”.

She said that “contraception is not infallible” and suggested that women could “draw comfort” from knowing that abortion is available as a back-up.

Furedi also argued that abortion should be recognised as “a safe and necessary healthcare procedure that, usually, is no more complicated than many of the minor procedures carried out in general practice”.


She proposed that it should be regulated just like “any other form of medical treatment” and questioned why there is an abortion law at all.

However, attempts to trivialise abortion in the past have drawn heavy criticism.

Speaking in 2012, Conservative MP Nadine Dorries warned against ‘desensitising’ abortion and making it sound “as easy as having your lunch”.

Horrific after-effects

The Christian Institute has been sharing the stories of women who have had abortions and have spoken out against the practice.

The Institute recently published the story of Adele, a mother who has had two abortions. She described the “horrific after-effects” of the procedure.

Adele argues that, “abortion is never right in any circumstance because of the damage it does to a woman”.


She said: “Women deserve to hear the truth about the horrific after-effects of abortion.

“Nobody ever warns them, nobody ever tells them – the media doesn’t, the abortion providers don’t. Women deserve the truth and they’re just not hearing it.”

To hear from Adele and other people who have been affected by abortion, visit the Choose Life hub on the Christian Institute website.

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