Abortion pills being sold online for as little as 78p

Abortion pills are being sold online for just 78p, according to an investigation by the Daily Mirror into the drugs black market.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, which regulates medicines for the Government, is planning raids on addresses across the UK in an attempt to tackle the problem.

Investigator Danny Lee-Frost from the organisation said the abortion pills, which the newspaper did not name, can cause death to the mother.


According to the Mirror, UK investigators looking into abortion were sold one prescription drug targeted at stomach acid and ulcers.

It is unclear as to whether the drug was an abortion pill masquerading as treatment for stomach acid and ulcers, or whether it was a genuine stomach remedy that inadvertently caused abortions.

The drug was sold unlawfully, without official packaging to explain it was not to be used by women who are pregnant.

Niall Gooch, from the pro-life group Life, said: “It seems this is becoming more common. But it’s difficult to regulate, as these drugs are sold on the internet.”

Too easy

In 2012 an investigation by The Sunday Times found a doctor illegally selling abortion drugs.

Dr Majeed Ridha sold the drugs to an investigative journalist who said he was requesting them for a woman who Dr Ridha had not medically assessed.

After the revelations were brought to light Dr Ridha claimed he sold the drugs to treat an ulcer.

Dominica Roberts, Chairman of ProLife Alliance, said at the time: “It is too easy for people to purchase these tablets. It’s horrifying.”


In 2012 a commercial service delivering the morning-after pill by courier faced criticism.

The service, dubbed ‘pill by bike’, is available for a cost of around £20. People living in London and Southampton can have the drug delivered by courier within two hours.

Norman Wells, from the Family Education Trust, warned there was a “danger the service could be used by the abusers of underage girls”.

Wells said: “The faceless nature of the service makes it all too easy for them to register on the site giving a false name and medical history and then to order the morning-after pill on behalf of their victim in an attempt to conceal their crime.”

The morning-after pill can cause an early stage abortion.

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