‘Abortion ice-cream’ stunt branded ‘disgusting’

Abortion campaigners in Oregon, USA have launched a fundraising initiative which sees abortion-themed ice cream sold at a local parlour.

The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and ice cream shop ‘What’s the Scoop’ are selling a limited edition ice cream called ‘Rocky Roe v. Wade’.

Sales of the ice cream, which refers to the legal case that decriminalised abortion across America, will help fund NARAL in their attempt to “defend reproductive freedom”.


Half of the proceeds from three other flavours of ice cream will also be given to NARAL under a campaign dubbed #SaveRoe on social media.

NARAL is concerned that the appointment of another conservative judge to the US Supreme Court by President Donald Trump could lead to abortion being restricted or criminalised.

The move by NARAL has received heavy criticism from both pro-abortion figures and pro-life groups.

’Embarrassed to be pro-choice’

Jonathan Lockwood, a political consultant who describes himself as “pro-choice”, said he felt ‘disgusted’ by the stunt:

“What have we come to when aborting eight month pre-born babies or aborting babies because they’re little girls, is one acceptable, but worse, two is celebrated!

“I thought I was pro-choice when I came to Oregon, but after seeing first-hand how insidious this far-left agenda has become I am embarrassed to call myself pro-choice.”


A Twitter user known as Jai commented: “Doesn’t matter where your stance on abortion is, it’s still a surgical, invasive procedure to terminate a pregnancy – & you’ve made a flavor of ice cream dedicated to it. That’s psychotic.”

UK group the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) also spoke out saying:

“The gimmick this time perhaps reveals a little too much of how distasteful the whole abortion industry really is.”

Sales of the ice cream will run until 26 August.

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