‘Abortion boat’ kicked out of Guatemala

A Dutch boat offering abortion services to women in countries where they are banned has been expelled from Guatemala.

Women on Waves takes women seeking to abort their babies out to international waters, where abortions can be legally performed.

Government officials said the crew on board the boat had misled the authorities when applying for tourist visas.

‘Human life’

In Guatemala, abortion is illegal except in cases when the mother’s life is at risk.

It has been reported that Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales ordered the army to act to defend “human life and the laws of our country”.

The department of immigration said the boat was in violation of Guatemalan law and expelled it from its shores.

Women on Waves offers abortions for women up to ten weeks. It has said it will seek legal advice to appeal the decision.

Abortion funding

Last week, it was announced that several countries have clubbed together to help Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) working overseas carry out abortions.

A joint fund has been set up in opposition to a recent change in US Government policy which stripped funding from global abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood International.

The Netherlands introduced the global abortion fund idea after the US policy change was announced. Several European nations, including Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Norway, have pledged support, alongside Canada and Australia.


The ‘Mexico City Policy’, brought in by Executive Order in the first days of the Trump Presidency, prevents US taxpayer money from being used by NGOs that promote or provide abortions as a method of ‘family planning’.

The policy has been widely applauded by pro-life groups which say it will protect the “dignity of women and children overseas”.

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