Abortion adverts set to carry warnings in Russia

Health warnings are set to be placed on abortion adverts in Russia – where over a million abortions were carried out in 2008.

A new bill, passed by the lower house of Russia’s parliament earlier this month, states that warnings will have to cover at least 10 per cent of the total space of adverts for abortion clinics and services.

The warnings will have to list the possible negative effects of an abortion to the mother – including infertility.


One Russian pro-life group welcomed the advert step, saying that while they would prefer an end to abortion ads, it is important to “put some limits on them”.

Spokesman Maxim Obukhov said his group’s goal is a full ban on abortions, but this latest move is aimed at those adverts that “play an important part in legitimising abortion”.

He commented: “In general, we wish there weren’t any advertisements for abortions at all, but as they exist, it’s important to put some limits on them”.

State news agency RIA Novosti has found that 1.2 million abortions were performed in Russia in 2008.


Members of Russia’s lower house voted through the measure on Friday 1 July. Reports suggest the upper house will also pass the measure and that Russia’s President will sign the bill into law.

In the UK commercial abortion providers could soon be able to advertise their services on television and radio if controversial draft rules are approved.

Last year abortion provider Marie Stopes International aired Britain’s first ever abortion advert.

The 30-second ad caused a storm of controversy and generated thousands of complaints.

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