A quarter of children bullied for their faith

One in four children faces bullying over their religious beliefs, according to an anti-bullying charity.

Children reported facing verbal and physical abuse because of their faith.

Although 70 per cent of those asked said they had religious beliefs, many of those who were bullied for their faith said it made them want to keep quiet about it.

The figure was revealed by Beatbullying as part of a study in time for this year’s anti-bullying week. A third of the children involved in the study were Christians.

Several homosexual activist groups have pressed the Government to promote homosexuality in schools, marginalising other views of family life.

Government guidance has even suggested that teachers avoid making reference to ‘mum and dad’ in order to normalise same-sex relationships to children.

Mike Judge of The Christian Institute said: “All bullying is wrong and should be appropriately dealt with whenever it occurs, whatever its motive.

“Sadly, a hierarchy of victim has seeped into our education system where some forms of bullying are taken more seriously than others. I suspect bullying against Christian children comes some way down the pecking order.

“Worse than that, politically-correct school initiatives which ban teachers from using the term ‘mum and dad’ serve to marginalise children from Christian homes and actually invite ridicule against them.”