500 people saved by abortion pill reversal

Abortion Pill Rescue Network (APRN) has been credited with saving more than 500 lives, a decade after the pioneering treatment was first used.

Heartbeat International, the pro-life organisation which took over the APRN earlier this year, said another 100 babies are on the way thanks to the measure.

Abortion pill reversal is a technique which aims to preserve the life of a baby by giving the mother the natural hormone progesterone up to 72 hours after taking mifepristone – the first of two pills required for a chemical abortion.

Second chance

President of Heartbeat International Jor-El Godsey said: “This new milestone represents not only 500 lives saved, but 500 women who were given a second chance to choose life and save themselves and their babies from a terrible fate”.

He added that thanks to “the commitment of all the medical providers, pregnancy help centres, and generous donors who make the Abortion Pill Rescue Network possible, 500 precious children are alive today”.

Research shows that up to 68 per cent of women who used the service after changing their minds gave birth to healthy babies.


Emily is one woman who turned to APRN after discovering she was pregnant aged 19.

Her ex-boyfriend, the baby’s father, wanted nothing to do with Emily or the baby, and so she decided abortion was her only option.

She got an appointment at abortion giant Planned Parenthood, who rushed through the appointment and gave her the first pill that day.


“I felt horrible being at Planned Parenthood. They treated me as if nobody cared about me”.

Driving home in the rain, she said “it was pouring rain and I felt like it was God crying tears for me.”

She added: “I cried the whole way home.”


Wracked with the guilt of a previous abortion, when she arrived home she prayed, asking God for help.

“I wanted my baby. I began to pray as hard as I could for forgiveness and help.”

Though she had never heard of abortion reversal before, she felt God put the idea in her mind.

‘God Strengthens’

After a brief search, she found a local pregnancy help centre which gave her an appointment the next morning.

Emily said: “I heard the heartbeat in November right before Thanksgiving and I was so happy to know the reversal worked! I thanked God so much as I continue to every day for my blessing.”

She named her son Ezekiel – which means “God strengthens”.

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