24-hour drinking laws won’t change, reports The Times

There have been reports that the widely criticised 24-hour alcohol licensing laws will survive their Government review.

The Times reports that instead of reducing opening hours, the Government is expected to explore an alternative strategy to combat the problems associated with alcohol consumption.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown intends to promote a radical “culture shift” away from binge drinking, by increasing the cost of drinks and encouraging parents to educate their children on the dangers of alcohol abuse, according to The Independent.

Mr Brown, who last year launched a review of the licensing laws and said that he “would not hesitate” to change the policy if it encourages drunkenness and crime, has been accused by some of performing a u-turn on the issue.

Further concerns have recently been raised about a national drinking epidemic, as the emergency services saw a 40 per cent increase in calls relating to alcohol-induced injuries over the New Year celebrations.

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