We can give thanks that churches in Scotland are set to open once more

The Scottish Government has announced that churches may open from 15 July. This is a very welcome U-turn.
Many Scots will have contacted their MSPs about bringing the date forward. There can be little doubt that the large number of letters, emails and phone calls received by politicians was instrumental in making this happen.
Pubs, restaurants and cinemas were all opening – there was no good reason for churches to remain closed. The law will be changed to end the ban and there will be guidance covering such issues as limitations on numbers and social distancing. Restrictions on attendance at ceremonies such as funerals and weddings will also be eased.
So for a little while longer, churches in Scotland will still only be permitted to open for very limited circumstances, such as funerals. But that’s about to change.
We’re delighted Christians will be able to meet for communal worship once again and give thanks to God for this answer to prayer.