CI News: 13 November 2020

In the news this week: An LGBT member of the General Synod brands the Bible’s teaching on sexual ethics ‘homophobic’, The Christian Institute warns MSPs of the impact of the Scottish Government’s hate crime Bill on religious expression, and a Christian councillor is vindicated after refusing to endorse a gay Pride event.

Is it ‘transphobic’ to say sex is binary? A biologist’s story.

Tricia Frasman (not her real name) is a biologist. When she stated that ‘sex is binary’ on the Royal Society of Biology’s (RSB) Twitter feed, the RSB called her transphobic. To date they have not explained why. Here, Tricia speaks to The Christian Institute’s Ciarán Kelly about the importance of holding to the scientific and Christian truth that human beings are made ‘male and female’ and how she deals with being called a ‘Terf’.