Audio by Ranald Macaulay

Evangelical Pietism

Series: Developing a Christian mind

Ranald Macaulay criticises an introverted mentality amongst Christians. He says Christians must focus on absolute truth and evangelism that penetrates into society.

Developing a Christian mind

Series: Developing a Christian mind

Even though much of Western culture was built on Christian values, very few seem to be left in the public sector today. Against this backdrop Ranald Macaulay outlines the importance of Christians developing true Christian thinking.19 May 1990

Crisis in Evangelicalism

Series: Developing a Christian mind

Is there a crisis in the evangelicalism today? How did the church find itself in this state? What can be done about it now? Ranald Macaulay provokes answers to these pressing questions.

The Christian mind

Series: Christian influence in a secular world

In Romans 12 the apostle Paul talks about the importance of renewing our minds. Christians must seek to understand what the Bible teaches not just about ‘religious matters’ but about all aspects of life.

Christian influence on history

History shows that Christians have long had an influence for good on the world around them. In this lecture, Ranald Macaulay will explain how the Christian faith has had a profound impact upon the moral and intellectual foundations of British society. Christians have pioneered advancements in civil liberty, education, health care and democracy. The past should help and encourage us as we look to the future.