Audio by Ian Cooper

Christian law?

Series: Developing a Christian mind

Ian Cooper talks and leads a discussion based around three questions: What is the role of the church and state? How far can the law be ‘Christian’? And finally, how far should the state be ‘Christian’?


Series: Developing a Christian mind

Ian Cooper tackles this increasingly accepted problem. He looks at the background and proliferation of pornography, why it is morally wrong and then examines the negative social consequences. He concludes with how Christians can constructively fight against it.

The promise and price of religious freedom

Series: Independency and freedom

On 13 November 1620, the passengers of the Mayflower stepped ashore after 65 days at sea. Many earnestly desired to worship God in simplicity and truth but soon realised that the corruptions they sought so hard to escape had followed hard on their heels. Half of their fellow travellers had little enthusiasm for their biblical ideals, and within a few months 52 would die. The remainder saw years of hardship, conflict and disappointment before the struggling Plymouth colony faded in the shadow of other expeditions settling to the north in Boston.