Audio by Colin Hart

Common grace

Series: Christian influence in a secular world

God in His grace has provided the means to restrain evil and to enable human life to flourish. This ‘common grace’ is necessary for both Christian and non-Christians alike. Our society rejects God’s common grace at its peril.

Christian Apologetics

Series: Contending for the faith

This first lecture looks at the role of rational argument in proclaiming and defending the Christian faith. Whilst the human mind is fallen, it is still possible to appeal to the conscience and use rational argument.

Josephine Butler

Series: Contending for the faith – part 2

Converted as a teenager, Josephine Butler become a leading social reformer. After caring for dying prostitutes in her own home, she went on to lead a national campaign to end licensed prostitution and raise the age of consent from 13 to 16.

Changes facing Christian charities

Series: Changes facing Christian charities

Colin Hart, the Director of The Christian Institute, addresses the changes being made by the Charity Commission in relation to churches and Christian organisations. He particularly focuses on the removal of the presumption that religious charities (including churches) provide ‘public benefit’, and how these organisations can demonstrate their ‘public benefit’ in order to maintain their charitable status.

Christ and Culture

Series: First and Last Things

As Christians we are in the world but not of the world. But how do we engage with the culture of our day, if at all? Should we abandon, embrace or try to transform it? In 1951 American theologian Reinhold Niebuhr famously described five ways professing Christians have engaged with culture throughout history. In this talk we will use these five ways to better understand how we as Christians should engage with the wider culture.