The Reformation

1996 Autumn Lectures

1. Field and Hooker

By Revd David Holloway

Richard Hooker (1554-1600) has been described as “unquestionably the greatest anglican theologian” and he did much for securing the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Following a brief background to the Reformation, David Holloway goes on to look primarily at the life of Richard Hooker, as well as commenting on his good friend, and Dean of Gloucester, Richard Field (1561-1616).

2. John Calvin

By Revd Jonathon Pryke

John Calvin was born in 1509 and converted from “Catholic academic to fugitive reformer” – becoming one of the key theologians in church history. Though by nature shy and withdrawn Calvin was still clearly a great leader and teacher. By the age of 29 he had written the outline of the Institutes of the Christian Religion – the work that would become his most famous.

4. Thomas Cranmer

By Revd Roger Beckwith

In this lecture Roger Beckwith looks at Thomas Cranmer’s life, character, his place in history and his achievment. Born in 1489, Cranmer went on to be the Archbishop of Canterbury and so had “unique opportunities to advance the cause of reform in the English church”, his greatest legacy being the Book of Common Prayer.

5. Martin Luther

By Revd Prof James Atkinson

Professor James Atkinson in this lecture briefly covers the life of Martin Luther and then focuses on Luther’s teaching and theology.