Audio by Revd David Holloway

Thomas Aquinas

Series: Great Christian thinkers

One of the giants of the Christian church, but overlooked by many, Thomas Aquinas was a philosophical theologian in the middle ages. Though not a great deal is known about Aquinas’ life, this lecture looks at some of the many writings he left that reveal his intellectual prowess.

Optimistic Humanism

Series: Modern isms

The Human race is destined to progress. This idea has come to dominate modern thought. Man will be his own salvation through science and democracy. Belief in God is not only seen as irrelevant, it is positively harmful. Enlightenment thinking which began 300 years ago has come to dominate the Western World. Its ideas were formally codified in the 1933 Humanist Manifesto.

Field and Hooker

Series: The Reformation

Richard Hooker (1554-1600) has been described as “unquestionably the greatest anglican theologian” and he did much for securing the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Following a brief background to the Reformation, David Holloway goes on to look primarily at the life of Richard Hooker, as well as commenting on his good friend, and Dean of Gloucester, Richard Field (1561-1616).

Raymond Johnston

Series: Contending for the faith

School teacher then lecturer in the Education Department of Newcastle University, Raymond Johnston became the Director of Care Campaigns. He fervently believed that in a collapsing culture Christians must speak out for the truth.

J.C. Ryle

Series: Contending for the faith – part 2

J.C. Ryle was one of the most significant churchmen of his time and his writings are still in constant demand today. During a time of confusion and heresy in the church, Ryle constantly emphasised the unique authority of Scripture.