Great Christian thinkers

1991 Autumn Lectures

1. Augustine of Hippo

By David Wright

This lecture is particularly concerned with Augustine of Hippo’s contributions to the doctrine of grace. Working through Augustine’s life and theology, David Wright uses the headings of: (1) grace experienced, (2) grace realised in Scripture & pastoral practice and (3) grace clarified and defended in controversy.

2. Thomas Aquinas

By Revd David Holloway

One of the giants of the Christian church, but overlooked by many, Thomas Aquinas was a philosophical theologian in the middle ages. Though not a great deal is known about Aquinas’ life, this lecture looks at some of the many writings he left that reveal his intellectual prowess.

3. Martin Luther

By Revd Prof James Atkinson

In this lecture Dr Atkinson briefly covers the background into which Martin Luther grew up, before going on to look at Luther’s ‘pilgrimage’ and its significance for us today.

4. John Calvin

By Revd Dr David Smith

Revd Dr David Smith starts by looking at John Calvin’s life and how it shaped his thinking. Particularly focusing on the persecution of Christians in France, he describes Calvin as a ‘theologian for a suffering church’. The lecture then goes on to look in particular at Calvin’s well known works: The Institutes of the Christian Religion and at his biblical commentaries.

5. Karl Barth

By Revd Peter Shepherd

Karl Barth is regarded by some as the most significant theologian of the 20th Century and his ‘influence continues to be felt in all areas of theological work and writing today’. This lecture in part focuses on Barth’s experiences and how they affected his theology.This lecture was delivered together with the notes available below.