Contending for the faith

2001 Autumn Lectures

1. Christian Apologetics

By Colin Hart

This first lecture looks at the role of rational argument in proclaiming and defending the Christian faith. Whilst the human mind is fallen, it is still possible to appeal to the conscience and use rational argument.

2. Raymond Johnston

By Revd David Holloway

School teacher then lecturer in the Education Department of Newcastle University, Raymond Johnston became the Director of Care Campaigns. He fervently believed that in a collapsing culture Christians must speak out for the truth.

3. C.S. Lewis

By Philip Vander Elst

Converted in the 1920s whilst Fellow and Tutor of Magdalen College, Oxford, C.S. Lewis became a powerful Christian apologist capable of speaking simply to people at every level. His best known works include Surprised by Joy, Mere Christianity, and The Narnia Chronicles.

4. Francis Schaeffer

By Brian Abraham

This lecture examines the work of one of the foremost Christian thinkers of the twentieth century. Founder of L’Abri, Schaeffer wrote over 20 books on philosophy and theology. He provided a biblical critique of Western culture, teaching that the Bible is true for all of life.

5. Bishop Lesslie Newbigin

By John Burn

Lesslie Newbigin grew up in Northumberland, became a Christian at University and went on to become a missionary and Bishop in South India. He robustly defended salvation solely through Christ and Christianity as public truth.