Contending for the faith – part 2

2002 Autumn Lectures

1. J.C. Ryle

By Revd David Holloway

J.C. Ryle was one of the most significant churchmen of his time and his writings are still in constant demand today. During a time of confusion and heresy in the church, Ryle constantly emphasised the unique authority of Scripture.

2. William Tyndale

By Brian Edwards

William Tyndale was the first person to translate and print the Bible in English. He was condemned, hunted and eventually murdered for his commitment to giving the laity access to word of God.

3. Charles Oxley

By John Burn

Charles Oxley was a member of the Christian Brethren who devoted himself to many causes. These included the inerrancy of the Bible as public truth, Christian education, and the fight against sex shops, pornography and blasphemy.

4. Countess of Huntingdon

By Revd George Curry

Selina Hastings played a significant role in the 18th century Evangelical Awakening, believing all should be dedicated to the service and glory of Jesus. Henry Venn called her “a star of the first magnitude in the firmament of the church”.

5. Josephine Butler

By Colin Hart

Converted as a teenager, Josephine Butler become a leading social reformer. After caring for dying prostitutes in her own home, she went on to lead a national campaign to end licensed prostitution and raise the age of consent from 13 to 16.