General Election

The General Election is on 4 July.

Here are some resources to help you #GetInformed

Election Briefing 2024

Election Briefing 2024

An analysis of party policies on issues of importance to Christians

Our updated Election Briefing 2024 provides an analysis of many issues where important Christian principles are at stake and where biblical principles directly apply. It also considers why you should vote, biblical priorities in voting, upcoming issues of concern and much more.

Questions for Candidates

Questions for Candidates

Our suggested questions to help you find out your candidates’ views on some key issues of concern to Christians.

Questions for Candidates downloads by region:

MPs' votes

MPs’ Votes

If your MP is standing again you may want to see how he or she has voted on our issues. Our MPs’ Votes tool will give you this information – all you need is your postcode.

About your Christian vote



A General Election provides an opportunity for Christians to speak out and play their part in voting. Believers have to make a judgement about how to use their vote to best effect.

election laws

Changing the law

A new Parliament could vote for a law bringing in assisted suicide; laws liberalising abortion and drugs; laws affecting religious liberty, freedom of speech, transgender rights and teaching on marriage, sex and relationships in schools. These are all issues of concern to Christians.

election info

Useful info

The Christian Institute is a registered charity and we do not tell you how to vote. But we do provide useful information to help inform that vote.

pros and cons


It is unlikely that you will find a party or a candidate you believe has all the right views. For many Christians there is a genuine dilemma over choosing a party or a particular candidate. Weigh the evidence and exercise your Christian conscience.