Scotland’s assault on parenting

A few politicians have got together to decide that they know better than parents how to bring up their children. This seems to be a theme. Named persons. Smacking ban. Why should parents trust the Scottish Government when it refuses to trust them?

Substantial academic research from around the world shows that, far from being damaging to children, mild discipline in a loving home can have a positive effect.

Despite the denials, there is no doubt the smacking ban will criminalise parents. The mum picking up her screaming toddler in the supermarket against their will would be breaking the law. The dad pulling back his little girl from the edge of the road will be breaking the law. Ordinary, decent, loving parents who give their misbehaving child a tap on the back of the hand will be breaking the law. They may not end up in prison every time but why should they even have to justify what can only be described as positive, responsible parenting?

Police and social workers are already overstretched. Criminalising loving parents for giving a light, infrequent smack for the purpose of teaching right and wrong will inevitably divert valuable resources away from children who genuinely need help.

There is no connection between a mild smack from a loving parent and abuse. To suggest otherwise is absurd. Everyone understands this, except the Holyrood elite it seems.

Three out of four Scots don’t want a ban, up from two-thirds only a couple of years ago. Back in 2002 the SNP greeted the defeat of the last smacking Bill as a “victory for common sense”. Now it seems intent on railroading this through without any proper consultation. It’s nothing short of an assault on parenting.

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