Brian Edwards: Evidence for the Bible

“One of the things I love about the Bible is that it’s packed full of history”.

So began a fascinating lecture at CI headquarters by Christian author Brian Edwards.

Edwards stressed that the Bible is “God’s history from the beginning”, adding: “ And the great thing about it being full of history is that you can check it out”.

Archaeology, correctly understood, always confirms the accuracy of the Bible

Professor Donald J Wiseman

In an hour-long lecture, he gave numerous examples of the way archaeology evidences the words of Scripture. Here are some examples:



In 1935, the ‘Inscription Disk’ from Mari, the ancient capital of the Amorites, was discovered.

As well as containing many Israelite names including Abram, Laban, Jacob and Gad, it put paid to the idea that Abraham’s homeland – as described in the Bible – was too advanced to be believed.

Who were the Hittites?

The Hittites
(A Hittite god embracing Hittite King Tudhaliya IV.)

People claimed the Bible was inaccurate because there was no evidence that the Hittite people had ever existed.

However, the ancient capital of the Hittite people was discovered in Turkey in 1906.

David a mythical hero?

King David

Skeptics used to argue that David was invented by scribes to give the Israelites a legendary hero.

However, the Tel Dan inscription of King Hazael of Syria refers to the ‘house of David’. Because of it, no serious archaeologist doubts the King David the Bible describes was real.

Sargon, the king who never lived?

King Sargon
(Bronze head of a king of the Old Akkadian dynasty, most likely representing either Naram-Sin or Sargon of Akkad.)

King Sargon, mentioned in the book of Isaiah, was said to be invented as he didn’t appear anywhere else in history.

In 1843, a French archaeologist discovered Sargon’s fortress at Khorsabad, modern day Iraq. Now he is one of the best known kings of the ancient world.


(A restored gate of Nineveh which was destroyed by ISIL in 2016.)

Both Nahum and Zephaniah prophesied that the city of Nineveh would be utterly devastated but sceptics claimed that it never existed at all.

However, in 1847 an archaeologist discovered what we now know to be the ruins of the city.

Find out more

Brian Edwards has written the book ‘Evidence for the Bible’ along with Clive Anderson, containing a wealth of evidence and stories attesting to the accuracy of Scripture.

You can order a copy from Day One Publications.