The World We Live In

The World We Live In

The World We Live In is a radio series made by The Christian Institute for TWR-UK examining what it is like to be a Christian in today’s world, and why we as believers should engage with it.

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Episodes are aired on Saturdays at 8pm on TWR-UK and repeated at 8am on Sundays.

You can listen live online, or on your TV:
Sky: 0128
Freesat: 790
Freeview: 733

On Demand

To listen on demand, click the links below. You will need to register for a login, but it is free to sign up.

1 – Engaging In Our Society

Sharon James talks about how secularism has affected society and the church, while Ciarán Kelly addresses Christian involvement in public life.

2 – Why Be A Christian Influence?

David Greatorex speaks about the doctrine of common grace, while Dr Chris Sinkinson of Moorlands College discusses how we should engage with our leaders.

3 – Serving Others

How do we as Christians love our neighbours? Featuring Revd Dr William Philip on Christian citizenship, Ciarán Kelly on vice, and Revd Pete Nicholas on being salt and light in society.

4 – Humanity

Genesis 1 explains how we as Christians are to view humanity. Social policy analyst Dr Sharon James, medical doctor Peter Saunders, MS sufferer Iain Bainbridge, and Lynn Coles contribute.

5 – Gospel Freedoms

Comedian Rowan Atkinson speaks about the importance of free speech to a healthy society, and Simon Calvert recalls recent threats to religious freedom.

6 – Education

Lizzie Harewood of the Association of Christian Teachers talks about challenges facing teachers, while our Education team addresses gender issues, Pride, and more.

7 – Dignity of Work

How should we as Christians view work? Is secular work inferior to church work? With Revd Dr Richard Turnbull, entrepreneur Gary Grant, and footballer-turned-pastor Gavin Peacock.

8 – Defending our Christian Freedoms

Hear from the CI’s Solicitor Advocate Sam Webster, vindicated CEO Kenneth Ferguson, and Daniel and Amy McArthur of Ashers Baking Company.