Scottish Parliament election 2021

Scottish Parliament election

The Scottish Parliament election is on 6 May.

We should think carefully about how to vote.


Key resources to inform your vote

Questions for your candidates

Questions for your candidates

Ask your candidates where they stand

The following questions will help you find out your candidates’ views on some key issues of concern to Christians.

  1. Do you believe the law should allow assisted suicide?
  2. Should it be made easier for a person to change legal sex?
  3. Are you concerned that an LGBT conversion therapy ban could inadvertently restrict the everyday work of churches?
  4. Do you believe the law on abortion is too lax, too restrictive or about right?
  5. Do you believe recreational use of drugs should be legal?
  6. Are you concerned that new hate crime laws could be wrongly used to restrict free speech and freedom of belief?

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Scottish Election Briefing 2021

Scottish Election Briefing 2021

An analysis of party policies on issues of importance to Christians

Scottish Election Briefing 2021 offers analysis of party policies on many issues where important Christian principles are at stake and where biblical principles directly apply. It also considers why you should vote, biblical priorities in voting, upcoming issues of concern and much more.