Audio by Revd William Macleod

Honour your Father and Mother

Today, parents’ authority is being undermined by public policy and popular culture. A breakdown in respect for the authority of parents leads to all manner of negative consequences. What does it mean for Christians to keep this commandment today?

The Great Redeemer

In the Old Testament the role of the Kinsman Redeemer was to redeem the property or the freedom of a relative who had fallen into debt or slavery. This is a picture of Christ, the Great Redeemer, who redeems his people from the moral poverty and slavery of sin.

Thomas Chalmers

Series: Contending for the faith – part 3

As well as being a formidable preacher and church leader, Thomas Chalmers also orchestrated many social initiatives especially in regard to education and poverty. He believed that the Church should be fully involved in the nation’s life, but he also sought to guard the gospel. So he insisted on the rights of a church to appoint a believing minister, rather than have one imposed upon them by a land owner. The Government refused this right and so Chalmers led the Disruption of 1843 where one third of the ministers left the Church of Scotland to form the Free Church of Scotland.

Jonathan Edwards

Series: Great Christian thinkers – part 2

Jonathan Edwards is arguably America’s best known preacher and theologian, and one of the most influential evangelicals of all time. Under God his teaching was not only of a high intellectual calibre but was also used by the Lord in the widespread US revival known as the Great Awakening.Edwards is often called ‘the last Puritan’ and is described by J.I. Packer as “a Puritan born out of due time”. Shortly before his early death Edwards was made president of the College of New Jersey, which would later become Princeton University.

Remaining faithful when the ungodly triumph

Series: Confidence in the truth

Christian believers are often puzzled and distressed when they see the apparent triumph of evil over good. We wonder what God is doing when the ungodly prosper. This is a recurrent theme addressed in the Bible. This talk will look at the right approach for faithful believers to take. Satan wishes us to be depressed and discouraged but we must look to God and be strong.