Audio by Revd Prof Robert McCollum

Do not swear

In our society people routinely take the LORD’s name in vain. Can Christians be guilty of breaking this commandment through careless use of God’s name? How are we to react to the blasphemy we hear around us daily?

I am the LORD your God

God demands that we should worship and glorify him and him alone. But what are the idols of our day and how can Christians keep these commandments?

Do not lie

Whether we own much or little, what we have is ours to steward and is not to be stolen, so violating the God-given right to private propoerty. Stealing also reveals covetousness, which is idolatry.

The Rule of Christ

The Scriptures tell us that after our Lord Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, “…God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything…” (Ephesians 1:22). The total rule of Christ is a present-day reality but not until he returns will everyone acknowledge it (Philippians 2:10). How should the church respond to the present rule of Christ? What impact should this teaching have on the lives of Christians?

Samuel Rutherford

Series: Contending for the faith – part 3

The great Scottish Covenanter and brilliant university teacher, Samuel Rutherford, was born into an age when the king answered to no-one – ‘The king is law’ (Rex Lex). But Rutherford believed the opposite. He wrote a book called ‘Lex Rex’, translated as ‘The law is king’. The notion that the monarch was subject to a greater authority – God – was so radical that, had he not first died of illness, Rutherford’s courageous stand would have seen him martyred for treason.

Christian worldview

Series: Christian worldview

In this lecture Robert McCollum unlocks what it means to apply the Christian faith to all of life. He helpfully outlines the ‘robust theology’ that will lead believers to applying a consistent worldview to their lives.