Audio by Revd Dr Iain D Campbell

Irenaeus: ‘Patron saint of apologetics’?

Irenaeus is regarded by some as the founder of apologetics. He was a 2nd Century Bishop of Lyons and was the first great theologian of the patristic age. His most renowned work, Against Heresies, is a defence of the orthodox Christian faith and an attack on the heresies of the day. Irenaeus was resolute in his beliefs but in his style of reasoning he actively sought to persuade and convince people of the truth.

B. B. Warfield

Series: Great Christian thinkers – part 2

B.B. Warfield was one of a number of Princeton theologians who strongly held on to the infallibility of scripture in the context of an increasingly liberal church. Warfield wrote: “God speaks to us now, in Scripture, not only mediately through his representatives, but directly through the Scriptures themselves as His inspired word.” He was one of the leading defenders of the Bible in the history of the Christian church. Warfield is still widely read today and is responsible for a large collection of published articles, sermons and essays.