'Thought police' meeting

1. Joe & Helen Roberts: implications for free speech

By Various

A public meeting on the case of Joe and Helen Roberts. The Roberts were interrogated by the police for over an hour because they complained to their local council about its gay rights policies. The meeting includes a statement by Joe Roberts. Experienced criminal barrister, Neil Addison, explains the legal implications regarding free speech and religious liberty. The meeting also includes advice from The Christian Institute on how Christians should respond to the case.

2. Introduction

By Humphrey Dobson

As an introduction to the meeting Humphrey Dobson gives some background information on the work of The Christian Institute and sets out the importance of religious liberty. He also introduces the various people who are speaking in the meeting.

3. Joe Roberts’ Story

By Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts gives his account of what happened to him in December 2005. He tells of the visit he and his wife received from the police as a result of their complaints to their council regarding its gay right policies. Joe also talks about the support he and his wife have received from other Christians as a result of the stand they have taken.

5. What you can do

By Mike Judge

Mike Judge of The Christian Institute explains how those who value religious freedom can positively respond. He also gives some encouraging examples of people who have successfully stood up for religious freedom.

6. Conclusion

By Humphrey Dobson

In conclusion to the meeting Humphrey Dobson addresses the importance of defending moral issues.