The Whole Christ

Since we’re saved by grace alone, does the law of God have a place in the life of a Christian? This perennial question is essential to answer if we are to be faithful followers of Christ. In this series, Dr. Sinclair Ferguson expands on his book and illustrates the biblical relationship between God’s grace and our work. Dr. Ferguson makes it clear that the solution to both legalism and lawlessness is the same — a right understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

1. How a Marrow Grew

By Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson  |  24min

Controversy erupted in eighteenth-century Scotland over the Auchterarder Creed and a work titled The Marrow of Modern Divinity. In this […]

2. Grace in the Gospel

By Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson  |  24min

The Marrow Controversy raised fundamental questions about the gospel, how it is to be presented, and what exactly it is. […]

4. Danger! Legalism

By Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson  |  24min

Legalism is a problem as old as the garden of Eden. Even when God had only given one prohibition, it […]

5. The Order of Grace

By Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson  |  24min

To be sure, repentance is necessary for salvation, but to make it a condition for faith in Christ is a […]

This series is provided courtesy of Ligonier Ministries.
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