The English Reformation and the Puritans

Their Unlikely Story is Ours

Few stories contain heroism, betrayal, ricocheting monarchs, bold stands against repressive authorities, and redemption like this one. And fewer generations have modelled commitment to the gospel and the application of God's Word like the Puritans of England.

In this 12-part series, Dr. Michael Reeves surveys Puritan theology and the work of the Holy Spirit when the Reformation flourished in England. Major milestones of this movement underscore the Puritans’ special place in history, as they displayed spiritual wisdom and discernment still benefiting pulpits and believers today.

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2. Henry VIII

By Michael Reeves  |  24min

In our first lesson, we studied the emergence of the English Reformation primarily from a theological perspective. It is also […]

3. Edward VI and Mary I

By Michael Reeves  |  23min

From the unintentional promotion of reform under Henry VIII, we move on to consider the reigns of Edward VI, the […]

6. Richard Sibbes

By Michael Reeves  |  24min

In this lesson, we will study Richard Sibbes (1577–1635), the Puritan once called the “heavenly doctor” due to his preaching […]

7. James I and Charles I

By Michael Reeves  |  24min

Having been introduced to Richards Sibbes, we will now look at the bigger picture of what’s going on in England […]

8. Thomas Goodwin

By Michael Reeves  |  24min

In this lesson, we will move from the big picture of England under James I and Charles I to studying […]

10. John Owen

By Michael Reeves  |  24min

Dr. Reeves testifies to England’s historical inability to produce theologians. He also mentions that perhaps the most famous British theologian […]

11. Owen’s Theology

By Michael Reeves  |  24min

We have just become acquainted with the life and thought of the Puritan John Owen. We saw that he providentially […]

12. The Demise of Puritanism

By Michael Reeves  |  23min

In this series, we have unfolded the English Reformation politically and theologically with all its advancements and setbacks. We have […]

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