Servants of God

2012 Autumn Lectures

“Of whom the world was not worthy”
Hebrews 11:38 (NIV)

For centuries God has blessed Britain with faithful Christians who have been courageous ambassadors for Jesus Christ. This series of lectures aims to encourage and inspire us by the example of servants of God from our nation’s past.

In recent years the Travel Guides published by Day One Ministries have been a valuable resource for Christians, providing an engaging introduction to people and places that have shaped our Christian heritage. Authors of five of these books will give this year’s Autumn Lectures and will talk about the subject of their own Travel Guide.

1. The Martyrs of Mary Tudor

By Dr Andrew Atherstone

During the reign of Mary Tudor over two hundred and eighty Protestant martyrs across England and Wales were burned at the stake for their Christian faith. The lecture will focus upon the key theological priorities of the martyrs as demonstrated by their testimonies in the midst of persecution.

2. Bishop J C Ryle: Prince of tract writers

By Dr Alan Munden

J C Ryle wrote over 200 tracts, historical biographies and biblical commentaries. In 1880, after spending 36 years in country parishes in Suffolk, he became the first Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, a position he held for twenty years. This lecture will look into the person as well as the achievements of J C Ryle, the impact he had and how his legacy can influence us today.

3. C H Spurgeon: In the footsteps of the ‘Prince of Preachers’

By Pastor Clive Anderson

C H Spurgeon is one of the most influential preachers of our time, with his books still being read by millions of people across the world over a century after his death. This illustrated lecture will look at the life of Charles Spurgeon from his early years as a country preacher through to Spurgeon as the pastor of the largest congregation in the capital of the British Empire.

4. William Cowper: The Evangelical Poet

By Pastor Paul Williams

William Cowper is arguably England’s greatest poet, whose work was widely acclaimed in his era. His poetry was enjoyed throughout society, including by members of the Royal family. William Cowper made poetry more accessible to the ordinary person and used his poetry to point people towards the gospel. Cowper was a faithful Christian and a friend of John Newton. This lecture will look at the life of William Cowper and the lessons we can learn.

5. William Carey: The Missionary to India who attempted great things for God

By Pastor Paul Pease

William Carey left school at the age of twelve and despite never attending university oversaw the translation of the Bible into forty languages. He founded the Baptist Missionary Society in 1792 and led its first mission in India from 1794 to his death forty years later. Carey became the official translator for the British Raj and head of the Department of Languages in the government training centre. The lecture will look at the extraordinary life of William Carey and how he became the father of modern missions.