Living the Christian life: the puritans

1993 Autumn Lectures

1. Comfort and Assurance Richard Sibbes

By Revd Mark Dever

Izaak Walton said of Sibbes “Heaven was in him, before he was in Heaven”. From humble beginnings as the son of a wheelwright, Sibbes became a powerful and popular preacher.

2. Communion with God John Owen

By Revd Dr Robert Law

Owen has been described by Packer as “one of the greatest of English theologians”. This great systematic theologian lived through the worst years of persecution of ejected ministers.

4. Providence John Flavel

By Revd John J Murray

As an active and leading non-conformist he was often in danger. Despite persecution he continued to preach and write. He was known as a man of prayer.

5. Christian Unity Richard Baxter

By Revd Ian Murray

The most prolific writer and one of the most fruitful ministers of all the Puritan pastors, Baxter’s ministry in Kidderminster saw the conversion of virtually the whole town.