Christian influence in a secular world

1999 Autumn Lectures

1. Biblical inerrancy

By Revd Prof John L Mackay

If we are to be bold in standing for Christian truth, especially under pressure, it is vital that we are convinced that the Bible is true and without error in all that it affirms. This includes the Bible’s teaching on science, history and morality as well as theology.

2. Common grace

By Colin Hart

God in His grace has provided the means to restrain evil and to enable human life to flourish. This ‘common grace’ is necessary for both Christian and non-Christians alike. Our society rejects God’s common grace at its peril.

3. The Christian mind

By Ranald Macaulay

In Romans 12 the apostle Paul talks about the importance of renewing our minds. Christians must seek to understand what the Bible teaches not just about ‘religious matters’ but about all aspects of life.

4. The dignity of work

By Revd Prof John L Mackay

Men and women, made in the image of God, were created to work. We should therefore view our work, whatever type of work it is, as a means by which we can serve and glorify God.

5. Fighting the good fight

By Simon Calvert

Christians have to contend with the flesh, the world and the Devil. God’s resources are available to help us fight all three. As well as putting off the old nature and putting on the new we must contend for truth and righteousness in the world in which we live.