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System 3 Poll on Section 28: Sedgefield backs the Clause

The Christian Institute today welcomes the publication of a System 3 poll showing strong support for Section 28 amongst Labour voters in the Prime Minister’s Sedgefield constituency.

The poll shows that of those who expressed a view, support for keeping Section 28 came from

  1. 70% of constituents, and
  2. 63% of Labour voters.
    1. 1% of all constituents said they “strongly oppose” and only 9% “strongly support” local authorities “being permitted to promote the teaching in schools of homosexuality as acceptable”.
    2. Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute said today:

      “Mr Blair’s constituents are not homophobic bigots. They just believe it’s wrong to promote homosexuality to school children. They want a law against it. They want Section 28. Trendy Islington values have no support from the Old Labour heartlands.”