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Supreme Court blocks Scottish Government’s Named Person scheme – VIDEO

Judges at the Supreme Court today ruled in favour of family campaigners, and blocked the Scottish Government’s controversial ‘Named Person’ scheme.

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These include:

‘Victory for ordinary families’: Simon Calvert, Deputy Director for The Christian Institute, speaks outside the Supreme Court following the senior judges’ unanimous ruling that the Named Person scheme is illegal.

‘Great win for families across Scotland’: Simon Calvert, Deputy Director for The Christian Institute, dismissing the Scottish Government’s claim that it has won the Named Person case.

Named Person scheme is “defective”, top judges say: Simon Calvert, Deputy Director for The Christian Institute, saying that the Supreme Court has recognised concerns about data sharing in the Named Person proposals.

‘Needless and intrusive scheme declared illegal’: James McIntosh, a parent involved in the legal action against the Named Person scheme, speaking outside the Supreme Court after judges rule the proposals are unlawful.

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Notes for editors

Read a detailed summary of the judgment and its implications.

The full judgment can be accessed via the Supreme Court website.

The parties to the legal action were:

  1. The Christian Institute
  2. Family Education Trust
  3. The Young ME Sufferers (“Tymes”) Trust
  4. CARE (Christian Action Research & Education)
  5. James McIntosh
  6. Rhianwen McIntosh
  7. Deborah Thomas

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