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Super casinos: a busted flush

Following the Prime Minister’s comments to MPs, Whitehall sources are now saying that super-casinos are “dead in the water”. A Christian research charity today welcomed the move. The new Government has used the opportunity created by the House of Lords which voted down the super-casino regulations and asked the Government to think again.

People living near the site of a super casino would have seen a sharp rise in social problems. The Christian Institute pointed to evidence showing that gambling exploits the poor, causes serious addiction, and is linked to crime.

The British Gambling Prevalence Survey shows that there are three-and-a-half times more problem gamblers amongst those on the lower incomes compared to those on higher incomes.

The British Medical Association has recently said the NHS should be made ready to cope with an increase in gambling addicts and that gambling should be recognised as an addiction similar to smoking and alcoholism.

A Home Office report into youth crime found that young people who gambled were more likely to be offenders than those who did not.

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said today, “We are delighted that super-casinos appear to be a busted flush. I hope that the Government now reviews plans for the ‘large’ and ‘small’ casino licences which both allow for premises far larger than any existing casinos.

Gambling exploits the poor – and deliberately placing a super casino in a deprived area is simply cruel. Gambling addiction disproportionately affects those on the lowest incomes. Addiction destroys families. Crime is also likely to increase as addicts desperately try to fund their gambling debts. Evidence from around the world shows that deregulation leads to huge social problems.”