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Springer show heads for flop as Christians protest outside

The Theatre Royal was half empty on the opening night of Jerry Springer the Opera. Only 700 tickets were sold. The theatre seats 1,294. The opening night is usually one of the most popular. This suggests the show is going to be a flop in Newcastle.

Some 900 Christians from churches across Tyneside held a dignified protest outside the theatre, singing hymns and holding placards. The protest was organised and stewarded by The Christian Institute.

Speaking today, Colin Hart (Director of The Christian Institute), said: “I am delighted with the excellent turnout. This is the biggest demonstration yet outside a performance of Jerry Springer the Opera. I hope that Christians in other venues will also protest. There were more protesters outside than patrons inside. We counted 700 people going into the theatre and there were 900 Christians outside. (This was verified by a head-count and also by the number of hymn sheets issued to protestors). A show like this may be popular in London’s West End, but the people of Tyneside have more respect for common decency.

“We were very glad to organise this event. I was amazed by the huge numbers of Christians who came along. We had 18 stewards on the night and we needed every single one. The whole event was a great Christian testimony to the theatre and to the city. We chose hymns that most people would know. Dean street in Newcastle resounded to God’s praise for an hour. It was a wonderful sound and a huge volume when people sang.

A political demonstration the day before had required 100 officers to police it. We only had one constable on duty and afterwards there was no litter left.”