The Christian Institute

News Release

Section 28 must stay

The Christian Institute today responded to gay rights campaigners who have launched a campaign to repeal Section 28, the law which currently bans the promotion of homosexuality in schools.

Colin Hart, Director of the Institute said today:

“Section 28 was introduced because some Councils were spending inordinate amounts of money promoting homosexuality in schools.

A variety of techniques are currently being used to get round Section 28. Glasgow, Manchester and Islington are already promoting homosexuality with public money.

Islington teachers are encouraged to use materials which aggressively promote homosexuality amongst five year old primary school children.

Manchester City Council sponsors an internet site which tells young people where they can break the criminal law by committing homosexual acts in public.

Some 70% of men believe that homosexual practice is wrong. They are not bigots or terrorists as some leading gay rights campaigners are now implying by linking their Section 28 campaign with the Soho Bombing. The 70% of men simply believe that homosexual practice is wrong. This is also the view of all the world’s main religions.

Parents do not want teachers being told to promote homosexuality to their children. The Government should abandon its plans to legalise this.”