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Reaction – UK Christian denied European Court appeal

Today the European Court of Human Rights turned down an application for appeal by three UK Christians who claimed religious discrimination.

One of the cases, that of marriage registrar Lillian Ladele, was backed financially by The Christian Institute.

Miss Ladele was forced out of her job at Islington Borough Council because of her conscientious objection to same-sex civil partnerships.

Her request for reasonable accommodation would not have had any impact on the provision of civil partnerships in Islington, because there were enough registrars to meet the demand.

A Christian Institute spokesman said: “We are disappointed that the court has refused leave to appeal, and it just confirms our fears that people with Christian beliefs about marriage will be penalised in the workplace.

“Human rights laws are supposed to stop the power of the state being used to penalise people for their beliefs and opinions, particularly when those beliefs challenge the prevailing orthodoxy.

“The Government has been saying people who have Christian beliefs about marriage will be protected by human rights laws, but today’s decision shows that is a hollow promise.

“Whether you agree with Lillian’s Christian beliefs or not, this is a sad day for liberty of conscience in Europe.”