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Reaction to PM’s gay marriage slur on churches

THE Prime Minster’s comments last night, that the church is “locking out” gays because of its support for traditional marriage, show that he is “intolerant” of Christians who disagree with him.

Speaking at last night’s Downing Street reception for gay leaders, David Cameron said he was proud to be following in the tradition of Tony Blair by redefining marriage.

Reacting to the controversial comments, The Christian Institute’s Mike Judge said: “The Prime Minister’s sneering remarks show his own intolerance for religious people who disagree with him on gay marriage.

“It is incredibly arrogant of him to tell churches what religious beliefs they should and shouldn’t hold. No wonder huge swathes of churchgoers are suspicious of his motives.

“Just hours earlier, he was entertaining the Queen who is the supreme governor of the Church of England.

“As for following in the tradition of Tony Blair, the Labour Prime Minister passed laws which closed down faith-based adoption work, led to Christian registrars being sacked, and Christian B&Bs being fined.

“Is that the tradition that Mr Cameron so proudly wants to follow? He’s going the right way about it, because redefining marriage would put supporters of traditional marriage right in the firing line.

“Even the Scottish Government, in this morning’s announcement of a go-ahead for gay marriage, has admitted there a major civil liberty risks. It wants the Westminster Government to sort out the mess.

“Mr Cameron’s remarks also show that he is out of touch with a majority of the public, of all faiths and none, who oppose these deeply divisive plans.

“While ordinary people struggle to pay their bills, he’s hosting a lavish Downing Street party for gay celebrities and activists, using the event to look down his nose at the church.

“Voters would rather he was working to boost the flagging economy, not meddling with marriage and lecturing the church.

“The plans to redefine marriage are unnecessary, unpopular, divisive, and a vote-loser. It is high time they were dumped.”