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Protect the vulnerable

There must be a new law to prevent doctors intentionally killing their patients, says a Christian research group today.

The Christian Institute supports Ann Winterton’s euthanasia prevention bill, due to be debated in the Commons this Friday (28 January).

Her private members bill, which has cross party support, will tighten up the law on euthanasia. Ever since Law Lords said food and water could be withdrawn from Hillsborough victim, Tony Bland, there has been a legal loophole that needs closing.

The Christian Institute has published a special issue of its regular magazine, Advocate, on the subject of euthanasia. The magazine includes news and analysis of euthanasia-related issues.

Christian Institute Director, Colin Hart, said today:

“Over recent years there have been strong pressures to legalise euthanasia. Given the present problems of the NHS there is a very great danger that the economic burdens of caring for an ever-ageing population will been used as justification for euthanasia.

“Some people think that euthanasia is acceptable, even desirable. But if we pander to this view, vulnerable people will be put at risk. This has happened in Holland, where euthanasia is tolerated. An official report from the Dutch government admitted that in 1999 there were 1,000 euthanasia deaths where patients had never given consent.

“This must never be allowed to happen in British hospitals. This is why The Christian Institute is supporting Ann Winterton?s bill to protect the vulnerable and outlaw euthanasia.”