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Over 600 Christian leaders to attend Charity Roadshow

Over 600 Christian leaders have signed up to attend a ten-venue Charity Roadshow that gives the latest information on the rights and responsibilities of people who run churches and charities.

The venues include Westminster Chapel in central London on 15 May as well as Birmingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Chessington, and Cambridge.

At each venue a panel of experts will tackle questions like: “Does the law stop us talking about certain topics?”, “Can we insist that the church secretary be a Christian?”, and “How should my church comply with the Charity Commission’s public benefit rules?”.

Free places are available for those in leadership of evangelical churches and charities.

The Charity Roadshow is organised by The Christian Institute. Sam Webster, the Institute’s in-house solicitor, says: “Recent legal cases have highlighted the importance of Christians knowing their rights.”

He continues: “The Charity Roadshow will provide up-to-date information that reassures leaders of evangelical churches and charities. We want to dispel some of the myths about what the law actually requires.”

The Roadshow’s full-day events offer a choice of workshops on topics such as the church as employer, public evangelism, best practices, financial issues, and how to deal with the Charity Commission’s requirements.

The Charity Roadshow is aimed at all evangelical minsters, elders and deacons, as well as trustees and senior staff of evangelical charities.

More information and a booking form are at