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No to gay lessons for Scottish school children

The Christian Institute today responded to the decision of the Scottish First Minister, Donald Dewar, to press ahead with legalising the promotion of homosexuality in Scottish Schools. He has proposed repealing Section 28, the law which currently bans the promotion of homosexuality in all UK schools.

Colin Hart, Director of the Institute said today:

“Section 28 was introduced because some Councils were spending inordinate amounts of money promoting homosexuality in schools. I cannot understand why the Scottish Executive wants to legalise the promotion of homosexuality to Scottish school children. The overwhelming majority of Scottish parents will object to this. They must make their views known to their MSPs.

Despite the law Glasgow is already promoting homosexuality with public money. On the other hand, as a result of Section 28, officials advising Edinburgh Councillors have blocked funding for some bizarre gay rights projects.

Last year Glasgow City Council gave £18,500 to fund “Glasgay”. Featured acts included live performances such as The Dyke and The Porn Star, described as a “sexually explicit drama about a young butch dyke’s obsession with a femme top porn star,” and Night Sullied Flesh, described as “sexually explicit, uncompromising – and not for the faint-hearted.”

Glasgow City Council also gave tens of thousands of pounds to other homosexual groups.

There will be more of this sort of thing if Section 28 is repealed. This can be illustrated by looking at what some Scottish Health Boards are doing. Health Boards are not bound by Section 28. Gay Men’s Health received £101,250 from Lothian Health Board last year. The organisation produces materials such as its “Coming out” guide to target young people and urge them to become homosexuals. It gives detailed advice on homosexual practices and advises young people to “be careful” of the police when having “sex with other men in public places”.

The First Minister says he is living in the real world, but the Government’s own General Household Survey found that gay couples made up only 0.1% of households.

Some 70% of Scottish men believe that homosexual practice is wrong (1). This is also the view of all the world’s main religions.

I believe that one of the reasons Mr Dewar is prepared to go out on a limb to support gay rights is because he has the support of a fellow party member, the Bishop of Edinburgh who is completely out of sync with Biblical teaching and the whole Anglican Communion as the Lambeth Conference demonstrated. Will the First Minister be following another of Bishop Holloway’s ideas and legalising cannabis next?”


(1) Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, Johnson A et al, Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1994, page 475. This is the largest academic study of its kind ever carried out in the UK.