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No stripping and lap dancing on a Sunday

The Christian Institute has taken action against the controversial Xsensual 2000 indoor sex market to be held in the Sheffield Arena next weekend.

The Christian Institute failed in a High Court bid to stop the Newcastle show getting a sex shop licence, but legal advice obtained by the Institute was successfully used to block stripping and lap dancing on a Sunday at the Xsensual 2000 event in Newcastle.

Tyne Tees Television quoted the organiser as saying the event had been a “spectacular failure” with losses of “more than £200,000”. One Newcastle paper said it “proved a big turn-off with North East punters” and described the event as a “damp squib”. Another paper said Geordies ?stayed away in droves”. Event organiser, Jack Frere, was so upset that he has threatened to sue The Christian Institute.

Now the show travels to Sheffield and the Institute has written to the Sheffield Council reminding them of the provisions of the 1780 Sunday Observance Act which states that you cannot pay to go and see dancing on a Sunday.

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Institute, said today:

“Sheffield Council has told me that it has written to the Arena reminding them of their obligations under the terms of the 1780 Act. I fully expect that the stripping and lap dancing will now be cancelled on the Sunday, otherwise, presumably, the Council will have to prosecute.

I know there are an awful lot of people who simply think it is wrong to hold this sort of event at a family venue like the Sheffield Arena. Many feel that it is degrading for the women who are involved in this sort of thing and demeaning for the men who feel the need to go. I am pleased that Jan Wilson, leader of the Labour group on Sheffield Council, is among a number of Councillors reported to be opposed to the event.

I hope people in Sheffield will stay away from the event in their droves as they did in Newcastle.”

Revd Hugh Palmer of Christ Church, Fulwood said today

“Sex is to be enjoyed in a life long relationship of marriage as God intended. Events like this cheapen sex by separating it from love and commitment. I am saddened that the Council has given the go ahead to this event which can only damage the image of Sheffield.”