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New Executive approach means lessons in how to take drugs

Scottish schoolchildren will be taught skills for drugs use under the new “harm reduction” policy recently announced by the Scottish Executive. A report published today by The Christian Institute provides detailed evidence of the harm reduction drugs lessons already recommended by the Executive in their teacher’s guide on health education 5 -14.

The lessons suggest that children role play being a drug dealer. They cover tips on how to react when confronted by the police over drugs possession and include quizzes covering whether smoking heroin is safer than injection or whether sniffing glue is worse than gas. Young people are asked to predict their future drug careers and asked to write down dares on a card such as “drink half a bottle of spirits in half and hour”.

The Education Minister, Cathy Jamieson, was to have appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s Education Committee today (12th March) to explain why the teaching packs are backed in the teachers’ guide. But she has now decided to postpone her appearance. The Minister was to have answered allegations that the Executive supports controversial drugs lessons which promote drug taking.

A 11,500 strong petition presented to the Parliament by Revd Iain Murdoch urges the Executive to withdraw the recommended teaching materials on drugs and sex education listed in the Health Education 5 -14 Guide for Teachers and Managers published by the Executive and Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Last December the Parliament’s Petitions Committee unanimously decided that the petition should be forwarded to the Education Committee for their consideration. This committee is now to take evidence from the Education Minister and from Learning and Teaching Scotland.

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director of the Christian Institute said today

“We support all the successful efforts to tackle drug dealers and help drug addicts kick their habit. Everyone supports these efforts by the Executive. What we cannot support is the Executive’s lessons that tell kids how to take drugs. The Executive’s official teacher’s guide backs appalling “harm reduction” materials describing them as “helpful”.

The Executive’s recommended drugs materials are completely unacceptable. These dangerous materials must be withdrawn.”