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Muslims want Qu’ran exempted from Religious Hatred Bill

Muslim leaders want the Qu’ran to be totally exempted from the Government’s planned ‘religious hatred’ laws, according to The Muslim Weekly.

The Government wants to outlaw ‘incitement to religious hatred’ but Muslims are worried that statements in the Qu’ran could fall foul of the planned offence.

The offence is contained in the Religious Hatred Bill. MPs will debate and vote on the Bill later this evening (Monday 11 July).

Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, and other Muslim leaders met with the Home Office Minister, Paul Goggins.

“The delegation made suggestions to the minister to that it may be preferable to totally exempt the holy text, which will include the Qu’ran and the hadiths from the remit of the [Religious Hatred Bill]”, reports The Muslim Weekly.

The Christian Institute has campaigned against this offence ever since it was first proposed to Parliament in 2001.

Director of The Christian Institute, Colin Hart, said today: “Britain, more than most nations, has a proud history of religious freedom and tolerance. But a law against ‘incitement to religious hatred’ is a step in the wrong direction. It will stir up religious tension by giving religious groups, and irreligious groups, an opportunity to litigate against each other. This is exactly what has happened in India and Australia where such laws already apply.

“Muslims have realised that this law would be used against them because of strident statements contained in the Qu’ran about Christians, Jews and others. I oppose those statements in the Qu’ran but I don’t want to see the ‘incitement to religious hatred’ laws used to censor them. Free, open debate and firm, frank criticism is the democratic way of opposing ideas. And, in any case, any statements that incite any illegal activity are already thoroughly covered under current laws.”


See the full text of The Muslim Weekly article.

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