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MPs’ voting record on moral issues published on internet

A national Christian charity has today published the voting records of all MPs across a range of moral issues, including abortion. The Christian Institute, which campaigns for Christian values in the nation, has published the information on its website

The free online database covers votes on 20 key moral issues which have taken place in the House of Commons since 1988. People can find out how their MP voted on issues such as abortion, divorce, human cloning, homosexuality, religious freedom, euthanasia, smacking, drugs and transsexuality.

For each vote, the MP gets a green tick if they vote the right way according to our Christian beliefs. If they voted the wrong way, they get a red cross. The Institute has produced an accompanying 133-page document explaining our Christian beliefs and how we have recorded the votes.

Speaking today Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said: “Our online record of votes puts a spotlight on how MPs have voted on the key moral issues. I believe people have a right to know what their MP has voted for and this resource makes that easy. Large numbers of people – Christian or not – care about these sort of issues.”

Note for editors

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