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MP’s votes on abortion, gay rights, and divorce put on the internet: Conscience voting

The Institute’s Web Site now includes MPs’ free votes on abortion, gay rights, divorce and            Christian teaching in schools.

Speaking today, Simon Calvert,            Public Affairs Officer at the Christian Institute said:

“Individuals must decide            for themselves who they will vote for. It is a difficult decision which            may take in many issues. But there are many sincere Christian people            who could not in all conscience vote for a candidate who supported the            liberalisation of abortion and divorce laws or who wanted to see the            promotion of homosexuality in schools.

The Christian Institute is simply            making available in a convenient form information already in the public            domain. We are doing this without commenting on individual candidates.            We hope our internet site will encourage people to ask questions of            all the candidates, not just those who are sitting MPs and therefore            have a public voting record.

There are many other very important            moral issues which will influence people’s decisions. They include support            for gambling, Sunday trading and political support for repressive regimes,            including the arming of dictators.

We believe the issues we have            chosen are amongst the most important. Publications freely available            on our Web Site give a reasoned and well researched case for the Christian            position we adopt.

It is a serious mistake for            any Christian organisation to align itself with a political party. In            the USA there has been a tendency for Christians to align themselves            with the Republican Party, whilst in Britain Bishops have preached support            for Labour. Neither of these approaches is right.”

Note for Editors

The Web Site address is: Christian Institute is a            Christian policy think tank which researches into social and ethical            issues from a Christian perspective. It unashamedly holds to the historic            creeds of the Christian Church.