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Medical Cannabis: A Trojan Horse

The Christian Institute today joined with the National Drug Prevention Alliance (NDPA) in attacking the BMA conference vote calling for additional cannabinoids to be “legalised”. The original motion calling for the full blown legalisation of cannabis for medical use was watered down to cannabinoids. There is a world of difference between very restricted medical use of a cannabinoid and full blown legalisation of cannabis.

Scientists have identified 425 chemicals within the cannabis plant. There are at least 61 different cannabinoids, but only one cannabis derivative, nabilone (synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) is licenced in the UK. Its sole use is to combat vomiting and nausea for patients undergoing chemotherapy when conventional treatments have failed. Nabilone can only be prescribed by Doctors. The side-effects of nabilone are well known and stated by the manufacturers.

Peter Stoker, Director of the National Drug Prevention Alliance said today

“The use of the word ‘legalise’ is extremely damaging. The general public and especially the young will take this as a green light to use.”

Colin Hart, the Director of the Christian Institute, said

“The original BMA Motion 312 called for cannabis to be legalised for medical use. That was extremely broad since cannabis is a whole cocktail of dangerous chemicals. By watering down the original motion the damage to the BMA’s reputation has been limited.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) – the US drug licencing authority – have concluded that there are no properly conducted scientific studies which support the “legalisation” of cannabis for medical use. That is why they ban it.

Cannabis has been linked to premature cancer, addiction, mental disorders and damage to the immune system. Cannabis is a gateway to hard drugs. The DEA found that 12 to 17 year olds who smoke marijuana are 85 times more likely to use cocaine than those who do not.

No drug should ever be prescribed without properly conducted scientific studies. When there is an evidence base for the medical use of further cannabinoids no doubt the Government will look at the evidence. By their precipitant action the BMA have allowed themselves to be manipulated by groups whose real goal is full legalisation. Medicines are not smoked. Medical cannabis is simply a Trojan horse. This is the same conclusion reached by the DEA and the US Clinton Administration.”