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Keira Bell case ‘a win for common sense’

The Christian Institute has welcomed today’s court ruling on the use of puberty-blocking hormones on children under 16 by the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS).

Simon Calvert, Deputy Director for Public Affairs at The Christian Institute, said today:

“Keira Bell has secured a win for common sense.

“People have become increasingly uneasy at the way normal medical considerations have been elbowed out by identity politics and the demands of activists. This concern is particularly acute when it comes to children.

“Ten years ago, the GIDS – the only such clinic for children in England – received 77 referrals. Last year there were over 2,700 – three quarters of them girls. It’s way past time we paused to ask ourselves what is going on.

“Many experts are concerned this rapid rise in cases is being driven by social influences, particularly online. Teenagers experiencing common adolescent struggles are being encouraged to think of themselves as trans as if it is the solution to all their problems. Cruelly, it is often presented to them as the only alternative to suicide.

“The reality behind the rhetoric is that, for children experiencing confusion about sex and gender, at least three quarters of them will find the confusion resolves itself naturally around the age of puberty.

“But, of course, puberty is the very process being blocked by the drugs given to kids at the GIDS clinic. These drugs have been described as a ‘live experiment’ since they have largely unknown consequences for children. Keira’s victory today means these experiments on kids must stop.”


Notes to Editors:

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