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Institute steps up pressure on Executive to scrap smutty sex lessons

Following outrage at the Executive’s recommended resources for sex lessons, The Christian Institute is stepping up its campaign to have the explicit classroom materials withdrawn.

The highly inappropriate materials are dramatically exposed in a new report, Sex Lessons For Kids, published by The Christian Institute.

Institute is calling on the Education Minister, Jack McConnell, to withdraw the explicit lessons and remove the resources from the Executive’s recommended list.

The Institute today announced further details of its “Keep the Clothes” campaign.

As the Executive considers whether it will stand by its lurid sex resources, the Institute is actively considering plans to:

  • Distribute legal consent forms for parents to notify schools that they do not consent to their children being taught using the Executive’s explicit materials
  • Distribute the Sex Lessons for Kids report to every head teacher in Scotland.
  • The Institute has already taken QC’s advice on the possibility of a legal challenge to the Executive in the Court of Session. The Institute believes that the Executive is endorsing materials which promote improper proselytism and sexual experimentation. If schools follow what the Executive recommend there will be flagrant breaches of parents’ rights under the Human Rights Convention.

    A “pervert’s primer”

    The sex education teaching guides hit the headlines today and caused outrage among teachers unions, religious groups, political parties and family campaigners. The Scotsman described one of the resources as a ‘perverts primer’.

    The resource, Taking Sex Seriously, is a teaching guide which says children as young as 11 should discuss group sex, sado-masochism and anal intercourse.

    Tino Ferri, national executive officer of the NAS/UWT teachers union called for Taking Sex Seriously to be scrapped. He described the teaching guide as encouraging “perversion” and “deviancy”.

    The Catholic Church in Scotland has also condemned recommended resources along with the SNP and the Conservatives. A spokesman for the SNP said the material was “far too explicit for young people.”

    Phil Gallie, the Conservative justice spokesman, said: “I think it is totally inappropriate for children of such a young age.” Anne Hill, chief executive of the Scottish School Boards’ Association, said “It is inevitable these materials will be used by teachers if they are on the Executive’s recommended list.”

    Colin Hart, Christian Institute Director, said today:

    “Today is repeal day for Section 28 in Scotland. Parents expected the Executive to keep its promises and make sure inappropriate sex education materials would be kept out of their children’s classrooms. The Executive has failed them.

    “The whole thing has unravelled and become very messy for the Executive. They must now take firm action to clean up Scottish sex education and remove these materials from the recommended resource list.

    “If the Executive won’t protect children, parents and schools will. The Christian Institute will help parents and schools to prevent these materials from entering the classroom. But it would be far better if the Executive would scrap these smutty sex lessons. This issue is not going to go away.”